How It Works

Built for Groups

Group leader signs up, picks date - shares offer with friends. This is done via email and text messaging as part of groupify, they are also provided a url to post on social.

Each member of the group can select the tickets and options they want. At that time they are charged a $10 deposit per ticket. That commits them to the group and saves the credit card information.

At 24 hours out, the final price is based on the number of tickets the group is buying in total. Each member is charged the balance due and is sent an email receipt with their tickets.

Day of Trip

Each person checks-in on their own, by showing receipt (either paper or on mobile device).

Follow up Email

The day after the trip, every member of the group will receive a follow-up email. The email will invite them to schedule another trip and can offer a discount code to be applied to another trip.

Resort Backend

The resort has a backend allowing them to set ticket types, add-on's, modify pricing, view manifest showing each group booking and view contact information on every participant.

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